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EPIC Garden Steering Committee Minutes 03-23-13

East Phillips Community 17th Ave. Garden
Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
March 23rd, 2013

Meeting was recorded. A thumb drive with all recorded meetings is in the Garden Shed. Take the thumb drive home, download what you want and return it to the shed ASAP.
1)      10:05 AM Brad Pass called the meeting to order & Lynn Mayo agreed to take notes.

2)      Announcements
a.       First Garden General Membership Meeting – Saturday April 13th at 10:00 A.M. In the Garden. Plots assigned, Fees Collected & Work group sign up
b.      Next Garden Steering Committee Meetings –
                                                              i.      Saturday April 6th at 9:00 A.M. At East Phillips Park
                                                            ii.      Saturday May 4th at 9:00 A.M. At East Phillips Park
c.       Next GMM & Steering Committee Elections – May 11th at 10:00 AM In the Garden. Steering Committee Elections.
d.      Bike Racks. Brad reported that EPIC and Mpls. paid for two bike racks for the Garden. One of the first Work Group Projects will be to install them,

3)      Finances
a.       2012 Finances
Plot Fees, Keys & Donations   Beginning Balance       Non-Cash Don.                        Cash
$1,010.00                                $166.88                                   $575.29                                   $1,176.88
(Balance on M. Earth & Bachman’s Gift Cards)                     $262.35
Total Cash Expenses:        $949.26
Cash Balance                  $227.62
                                                                        Credit Card Balance:       $217.19
2012 Notes;     EPIC donated $248.90 for Bike Racks. The City of Mpls. donated the rest.
            Gardeners donated $150.00 cash and Brad Pass Donated $575.29 in materials
            $180.00 is due from unpaid Garden Fees

b.      2013 Notes;     EPIC will donate the ongoing annual Property Taxes   $467.30 in 2013
The Garden has a positive cash balance from 2012 of            $227.62
NOTE regarding the EPIC offer to donate money to pay the Real Estate Taxes;
Since much of the money EPIC receives, comes from governmental entities it turns out it is not possible for EPIC to give it back to governmental entities in the form of real-estate tax payments. Therefore, EPIC will donate $450.00 to the garden to cover the budget item we call "OTHER". This item includes such expenditures as Garden Tools, Materials for Garden repairs, Garden celebrations and etc.

c.   Lynn suggested placing a value on volunteer garden labor such as that provided by AmeriCorps and the gardeners. This might make it easier to show in-kind donations for the purpose of matching future grants. It was decided to look into a way to itemize these contributions.

2013 Budget.
Notes on Budget:
·         EPIC has offered to pay Property Taxes (See NOTE Above)
·         Water is variable depending on seasonal precipitation and water conservation
·         “Other” includes Fall Harvest Party, Garden Tools, Maintenance and Supplies.
·         Historically we have been unable to collect 9% of the fees. To cover this shortage, it was decided that the budget shall include this 9% thus providing money to help those who cannot pay.

MOTION:   The 2013 East Phillips Community 17th Ave Garden Budget, as shown above is                     approved. Motion made by Linda Leonard Seconded by Kevin Chavis. Motion                             passed unanimously.

Our thanks to EPIC for their significant financial help
4)      2013 Plot Fee                                                                                                                      .
a.       $25.00       X         35 Plots                        =             $875.00        $201.00
b.      $30.00       X         35 Plots                        =          $1,050.00        $  26.00              
c.       $35.00       X         35 Plots                        =          $1,225.00        $148.00

d.      Discussion: A range of plot fees, $25.00 to $35.00, was discussed. All discussion included the option of donating more for those who can. Tying plot fees to income or ability to pay was rejected as an option because the Steering Committee does not want to require access to gardeners personal finances.
MOTION:   The East Phillips Community 17th Ave. Garden’s 2013 Plot Fee shall be $30.00                       with more requested from those who are able These extra donations may be used                             to help gardeners with their plot fee  at the discretion of the Steering Committee..
                              Motion made by Kevin Chavis, Seconded by Jennie Bjorgo. Passed                                 unanimously
5)      2013 Garden Use Agreement
Discussion:              Brad passed out the Proposed 2013 Garden Use Agreement and pointed out the few changes from last year’s agreement which consistes of date changes, the updated and newly adopted budget and a change to the Garden meeting Quarum requirement resulting from an EPIC Board decision to allow ANY EPIC Board member to fulfill the quorum requirement which states that ONE EPIC Board member must be present.  
    The 2013 East Phillips Community 17th Ave. Garden Use Agreement as amended is                            approved. The Agreement is appended to these minutes.
                  Motion made by Jennie Bjorgo, seconded by Linnea Haddaway Passed unanimously

6)      Gardener Obligations
a.       Garden Work Groups and Policy  
Last year the Garden Group decided to adopt a Work Group concept to achieve better community spirit in the garden while helping gardeners accomplish their work requirement which is necessary for the upkeep of the Garden.
                                                  i.      Gardener Lindsay Fenner and a small task force defined the following eight Work Groups:
1.      Weeding/Pest Control
2.      Tools-Tool shed-Building and Repair
3.      Public Face
4.      Mowing- Paths- Surveying
5.      Herbs and Butterfly Garden
6.      Fruit and Berries
7.      Compost
8.      Community Outreach-Celebration
                                                ii.      They created a signup sheet incorporating a task list for each Work Group (appended to these minutes).
                                              iii.      Consider what works group or groups you would like to be a part of. We will sign up for them on Saturday, April 13th at 10:00 AM at East Phillips Park.
MOTION:   The Garden Work requirement shall be raised to 6 hours per plot. This work                                  must be accomplished in accordance with the new Work Group system and must                               be work on the Garden over and above work on the individual’s own Garden                            Plot. Motion made by Jemmie Bjorgo, seconded by Lynn Mayo. Passed                                      unanimously

Discussion: A better method of keeping track of hours worked and tracking needed work                                  such as watering and weeding is needed. It was decided to allocate another                            Steering Committee Meeting to this discussion;
                              WHEN: Saturday, April 6th                             
                              TIME: 9:00 AM 
                              WHERE: East Phillips Park
                        The agenda will include:
1.      Garden Work Group paperwork
2.      Seward Co-op Grant opportunity
3.      Grape vine Lice

b.      Plots must be planted by June 8th  (or they will be reassigned)
c.       Water (Conserve Water – use rain barrel water FIRST)
d.      Plot Fees are due on plot assignment. Contact SC member for an Alternate Payment Plan

7)      Plot Map
a.       There are 8 Garden Plots available with 3 New gardeners on the wait list and one who would like to trade for a larger plot.
b.      If you know of any East Phillips residents who would like to garden, ask them to send all their contact information to Brad Pass,, 612-916-8478
c.       If you know of any gardeners who will NOT be returning this year contact Brad as well.

8)      CALL your friends who gardened last year . We need to know if they are returning.

9)      Adjourn at 10:05

East Philips Community 17th Ave Garden
Use Agreement
2428 17th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN                                     Year:  2013


The East Philips Community 17th Ave Garden (the Garden) is owned by the East Phillips Improvement Coalition (EPIC) and serves the East Philips Neighborhood.  Distribution of garden plots will be accomplished based on those prospective Gardeners who attend the First Garden Meeting of the year, generally the second Saturday in April, and will be based on the following priorities:

1.      East Philips residents who participated in the previous year.
2.      Residents of the East Philips neighborhood.
3.      Alumni of the garden who have moved out of the neighborhood.

The Garden Group consists of the people who have signed the current Garden Use Agreement, have paid this year’s Garden Plot Fee and who garden in the East Phillips Community 17th Ave. Garden (the gardeners). 

The five members of the Garden Steering Committee come from two groups, the gardeners and the EPIC Board of Directors. The gardeners elect four gardeners to the committee who serve two year staggered terms. Elections are held at the May GM Meeting. Quorum consists of any EPIC director and two of the four gardeners on the committee.  The Garden Group and Steering Committee hold open meetings and seek input from the gardeners.  The Garden General Membership Meetings will be on the 2nd Saturday of each month at  10:00 AM, in the garden, during the gardening season. The Garden Steering Committee will meet on the 1st Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM in the East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center at 2307 17th Ave. S. during the gardening season (March or April through October). Any changes or special meetings will be announced one week in advance on the Garden Bulletin Board and/or by E-mail.

Garden Steering Committee responsibilities include:
1.      Providing EPIC with the Garden Use Agreement signed by all current Gardeners each spring
2.      Creating a budget for approval by the full Garden Group to be presented to the EPIC Board
3.      Directing fund raising efforts and assuring that garden bills are paid
4.      Arranging for the water to be turned on in the spring and off in the fall.
5.      Coordinating the distribution of plots to the gardeners
6.      Notifying and convening regular open democratic meetings of the Garden Group and Steering Committee
7.      Seeing to the upkeep of the garden
8.      Maintaining safe and legal conditions in the garden.

The garden group plans to cover this year’s expenses by requesting financial contributions from gardeners and EPIC, writing grants, and requiring an appropriate Garden Plot Fee based on the current budget needs. A gate/shed key charge of $5.00 each will be levied.  The garden bank account will be managed by EPIC.

The Garden Group agrees to maintain safe conditions in the garden and maintain compliance with city zoning laws, the conservation easement placed on the property, and other agreements made between EPIC and the Garden Group.  Each
2013 Budget

Paid by

Property Tax


Unpaid Plots (9%)



between EPIC and the Garden Group.  Each gardener in the Garden Group agrees to maintain his/her Garden Plot and the property in its entirety, including shoveling sidewalks, mowing grass, controlling weeds, removing litter and emptying the boulevard trash receptacle. Each Gardener also agrees to give up his/her plot by the 2nd Saturday in June - if he/she has not paid the Garden Plot Fee or agreed to an alternative payment plan – OR -  if he/she fails to garden his/her plot by the 2nd weekend in June as spelled out in garden policies.

Each gardener agrees to hold harmless the Garden Group and owners of the land for any liability, damage, loss or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden by them or their guests. By signing this document, each gardener attests that he or she has read, and will abide by this agreement and all Garden Policies imposed by EPIC and/or enacted by the Garden Group.

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