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EPIC Garden Steering Committee Minutes 07-07-12

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
July 7th, 2012

Steering Committee Members Present:   Brad Pass, Linnea Hadaway, Kevin Chavis, Lynn Mayo, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass
Gardeners Present:  none

1)      9:00   Brad called the meeting to order as a committee of the whole as there was not a quorum & asked for 2 note takers.  Linnea volunteered, Lynn arrived late and started taking notes after her arrival.

2)      Introductions:   (they were unnecessary)

3)      Announcements: 
a.       Next Garden GM Meeting – Saturday, July 14th at 10:00 A.M. In the Garden
b.      Ground Breaking for EPP Soccer Field and Baseball Diamond: Thursday July 12th at 4:30 PM in the Park
c.       Midtown Phillips Festival  -  Saturday, July 21st – Noon to 8:00 PM  -  Food, Music & Fun
d.      EPIC General Membership Meeting – Thursday  Junly12th at 6:30 P.M. at the East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center at 2307 17th Ave. S
e.       Community Garden Day Saturday August 11th  -  Orientation June 13th from 6:00 to 8:00PM at Coffee Bene in St. Paul
f.        Phillips Clean Sweep  -  October 13th 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM  -  Starts with Free Breakfast at Welna’s Parking Lot & Ends with Free Lunch & Entertainment at Stewart Park
g.       EPC 17th Ave. Garden Fall Harvest Party October 20th

4)      Approve Agenda:
    Approve the 7/7/2012 Steering Committee Agenda  Linea made the motion, Kevin                                   seconded.  Motion Passed

5)      Approve the following:
a.      May 5th SC Minutes
MOTION CW:   Approve the 5/5/2012 Steering Committee Agenda  as a Committee of the Whole.    Kevin made the motion, Linnea  seconded.  Motion Passed

b.      June 2nd SC Minutes
MOTION CW:    Approve the 6/2/2012 Steering Committee Agenda as a Committee of the Whole.    Linnea made the motion, Kevin seconded.
Motion Passed Unanimously

c.       June 9th GM Minutes  The decision was made to wait for a quorum

6)      Discuss Plan for front of shed: 
      A landscaper in the neighborhood donated 320 patio bricks to Brad who had them delivered to the Garden and restacked them behind the shed. Brad passed out a plan view showing the Shed and the proposed brick entrance ramp and walkway. He explained that the bricks would be laid in a way so       that water would run away from the front of the shed. The pad will be 60”  x 80” and will require 7     cu. ft. of sand which Brad offered to donate to provide a bed for the bricks. The idea is to get rid of       the mud hole in front of the door.
( Editor’s NOTE: The following motion was made after a quorum was established and took place after the discussion on agenda item 7 below. It was inserted hear for clarity and continuity.)
MOTION:   The Steering Committee approves the plan for a brick entrance to the Garden Shed as                        proposed by Brad Pass.  Motion was made by Linnea Hadaway. Seconded by Kevin Chavis
                  Motion Passed unanimously
Note: Lynn arrived mid discussion at 9:17 and apologized for being late.

Lynn’s late arrival required an update on the meeting thus far.
She asked to add items to the agenda. Brad pointed out the there was still no quorum and instead of considering the agenda now, we should wait for a quorum and discuss it then thus avoiding having to           do it 3 times.
Lynn then asked who was on the Steering Committee. Brad answered – you, Kevin Linnea, me and any EPIC Board member. In answer to Lynn’s question as to whether that was a workable situation.  Brad re-explained the EPIC Board action which authorizes any EPIC Board fill the Steering Committee EPIC Board position.

Linda arrived at 9:22 completing the quorum .

DISCUSSION: on Approving the actions of the Committee of the whole
MOTION:   Approve the 5/5/2012 Steering Committee Agenda.   Linda Moved, Lynn seconded.
                  Motion Passed unanimously
DISCUSSION:  on Approving the June 2nd SC Minutes:
Lynn objects to the June 2nd SC Minutes because she claims there was hearsay regarding her business and accusations against her tenants and she feels these are against all rules of neighborly consideration and certainly it is inappropriate for the records of an official neighborhood meeting. She stated that by becoming a part of the record, hearsay, which is essentially gossip is legitimized.  She would like, at some time, to discuss what hearsay is and how to deal with it. Linda suggested there should be a policy or process to deal with this kind of problem so that it can be dealt with outside the minutes and that a report can be generated and added to subsequent minutes.
Linda said that even if there is a disagreement, there is no denying that the proposed minutes reflects what happened at the meeting. The purpose of minutes is to reflect what was said at the meeting. Linda suggested that even with disagreement, a motion can be voted on and there is no denying that the discussion written in the Draft Minutes did occur.
MOTION:   Approve the 6/2/12 SC Minutes.   Motion made by Linda and seconded by Kevin.
                  Motion passed  - 4 votes for, 1 vote against

     to accept the June 9th 2012 Draft General Membership Meeting Minutes.
                  Linda Leonard made the motion.  Linnea Hadaway seconded.
DISCUSSION:  on Approving the June 9th GMMM Minutes:
      Lynn Mao suggested tweaking the report on compost #12.
Brad pointed out that Matt Kazinka wrote down what was said in his notes and the purpose of minutes is to reflect what was said regardless of its accuracy.
                        Motion Passed – 3 votes for, 1 vote against, 1 abstention
Brad suggested that Lynn present a written clarifying document to the next GMM for inclusion in the minutes if she wished to correct anything in her report as expressed in the just accepted minutes.

Note: Carol Pass arrived at 9:45

7)      Discuss Garden Boulevard Plan: 
      Brad read the motion passed at the June 9th GM Meeting:
Carol Pass moved. That we proceed with an inclusive plan for the boulevard of the East Phillips Community 17th Ave. Garden which includes a Rain Garden, Bike Racks, information on any City requirements and future maintenance requirements and that the results of this plan be brought to the Steering Committee for their approval as soon as possible. Frances Michelson offered to follow up with the Steering Committee within the next 7 days.
The Steering Committee has not received a plan at this time.

8)      Discuss Children’s Garden Policy: 
Brad Pass recalled that Lynn had suggested that the ratio of Vetted adults to children be changed.
Lynn Mayo suggested that since we do not have a children’s Garden and since there are other more pressing items yet to discuss, we Table this discussion.
Carol Pass agreed with Lynn and brought up other considerations.
Brad brought the discussion back to the motion.
MOTION:    Table this discussion  Motion Made by Lynn Mayo. Seconded by Linda Leonard.
      Motion passed with 1 abstention.

Lynn Mayo said that when she invited Lindsay and Bonnie to the last Steering Committee meeting, she told them that they could not speak because they were not Steering Committee Members. She wants to know what the policy is for people who are not Steering Committee Members. She continued – “So if I bring five people to the Steering Committee meeting can they all raise their hands and expect to talk?” Linda asked, “Where is this on the agenda?” Lynn said , “I’m bringing this up because Carol Pass is now speaking and she is not a member of the Steering Committee – I don’t think. Are you Carol?” Linda said, “You know what, I’ll leave and Carol can take my place. Frankly Lynn, I am tired of the nitpicking  and we all have a lot on our minds so I will step out so Carol can take my place….. With regard to your question, Robert’s rules say that the chair can decide.” Lynn Continued, “But that doesn’t answer the question – who can speak at Steering Committee meetings?” Brad said, “Anyone can speak at a Steering Committee meeting if they are recognized by the chair. I recognized Carol and so if that answers your question – everyone can’t vote – and I’m a little sick of the nitpicking too.”

9)      Finances (Current to date)
Fees collected to date:
Plot Fees
Key Fees
Balance to date
Non: Cash Donations
Less Expenses to date

2012 Cash Balance to date

Plust 2011 Ending Cash Balance

Total Cash on hand to date

10)  2012 Budget (Passed 3/10/2012)

2012 budget

2012 Income

Property tax:




Above balances reflect a bounced Check for $30.00 and a service charge for the check of $30.00
            Water conservation is working – Last Water bill was $13.13.

11)  Unpaid Plots:   6, 18, 23, 25, 26, 28A, 28B,   = $225.00 Due (Includes $30.00 Bounced Check Fee)
The Chair will send a letter to the gardener who bounced the check .
Lynn suggested winter meetings to deal with

12)  See Carrie Ann Johnson’s agenda suggestions for the July 14th GM meeting
Lynn would like to talk about Garden work in progress

13)  Garden Work in Progress & Work Days follow each Garden General Membership Meeting:
a.       Clear out raspberries encroaching in garden & replant starts along fence. Work has started in the N.W. corner fence lines.
b.       Compost signs are written, mounting boards have been preserved with linseed oil.
c.        Renew/refresh compost bins -  North side and leaf site have been started
d.       Kitchen waste site has been started – Carol expressed concern that food waste may attract rats. – Brad read the discussion from the June 9th Minutes which did not include a motion or authorization to start composting food waste but instead created a committee consisting of Lynn, Hindalo, Carrie Ann &Aden. The committee must report to the Steering Committee with research findings and a plan and a policy before we start on this project.
e.        Bring Garden weeds under control
f.        Finish preparing Butterfly Garden for planting perennials – work has started – need a decision on what to plant
g.        Empty trash bin
h.       Beauty on boulevard and alley exterior to fence. -  In alley, all wild cucumber has been removed and morning glories have been planted.

        See Garden Task Book in the shed for other options and Enter your time in the Garden Task Book

MOTION:   Americorps will be invited to help in the Garden again in September.  Motion made by Lynn Mayo. Seconded by Linnea Hadaway 
Motion Passed unanimously

14)  Adjourn at 10:10 A.M.

Minutes were transcribed from the recording by:
Brad Pass

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