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EPIC Garden Membership Meeting Minutes 06-08-13

General Membership Meeting Minutes
June 8th, 2013

            Meeting was recorded
Steering Committee:
Brad Pass, Lindsey Fenner, Linnea Haddaway, Kevin Chavis, Carol Pass,
Gardeners:  Dianne Peterson, Aden Awill, Lynn Mayo, Jackie Loubert, Darren Konsor, Stephanie Ollie, Kate Fisher, Jaclyn Cigdemian, Margaret Kirkpatrick, Linda Leonard, Rosie Cruz

1)      10:07 AM call to order & Lynn & Carol volunteered to take notes.

2)      Introductions

3)      Announcements
a.      Garden Steering Committee Meetings are on the 1st Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM at the East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center. All are invited
b.      Garden General Membership Meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:00 in the Garden

4)      Garden Finances:
a.       To Date we have collected $520.00 in plot fees, $35.00 in key fees and $80.00 donations. (Total $635.00). NOTE: We have also received non-cash donations totaling $69.36
b.      Garden bills paid: Taxes - $467.30, Water - $95.00 (Total Paid $562.30). 2013 Cash balance - $72.70
c.       Past due plot fees from 2012 - $170.00
d.      Plot fees Due for 2013 - $510.00
e.       Remaining budgeted expenses - $530.70. (This figure does not include the $450.00 in “Other” expenses which will be covered by an EPIC donation

5)      Work Groups: Lindsay Fenner
Work Groups Listed                            Facilitator                     Upcoming Tasks
Ø  Weeding/Pest Control;                         Maybe       Margaret    Keep paths open – Put noxious weeds in green                                                                                                 composting bin by compost – OR Paper                                                                                                          compostable bags which the city will take
Ø  Tools-Tool shed-Building and Repair; Facilitator - Brad          Bike Rack Installation
Ø  Public Face;                                         Facilitator - Kevin        Free library will be installed – Keep  
Ø  Mowing- Paths- Surveying;                  Facilitator - Brad          Keep paths between plots open and weed free
Ø  Herbs and Butterfly Garden;                Facilitator - Linnea       Plant today and weed creeping Charley
Ø  Fruit and Berries;                                 Facilitator - Lindsey
Ø  Compost;                                             Facilitator - Lynn         Pay attention to signage
Ø  Community Outreach-Celebration;      Facilitator – Carol&Linda   Need to communicate better with Non-                                                                                        English speakers
a.       Everyone needs to sign up for one work group
                                                              i.      Keep track of your hours on the Work Group sheet that you signed up for EVEN if you did work listed in another Work Group. This will make it easier to keep track of your time
b.      Facilitators are also listed in the Garden Task Book
c.       Check Garden Task Book for Work Projects
d.      Set work dates and times
e.       Notification of work projects. Brad offered to make a shelf to mount on Garden Shed Door to hold the Task book and we will email work dates and put notes on garden bulletin board and collectively see what works

6)      Seward Coop Grant Application (due mid June):
a.      Linnea made us aware of the grant.
b.      Brad will take responsibility to write and submit the grant with help from others
c.       Focus of the Grant will be on;
                                                              i.      Improving the main East-West Garden path and entrance
                                                            ii.      Improving safety of fire pit / conversation area
                                                          iii.      Replacing Garden fence posts & improving gates
                                                          iv.      Phillips Garden has offered to give their suggestions
                                                            v.      Deadline for submission is 6/30/2013
                                                          vi.      Results of grant will be announced this fall so the project will start in late Fall and in 2014 – IF we get the grant
d.      By acclimation, the Gardeners approved this approach

7)      Review revised Garden Plot Map:
a.       Because of the late spring, several assigned plots are not being prepared or gardened

8)      Plot Planting Policy  (6/14/2008)
a.       Every gardener should have their garden spaded with planting started by the 2nd weekend in June. The plot may be reassigned after that date if there is no indication of an attempt to garden the plot.
b.      Open and available Garden Plots as of today:  6, 8, 12, 15, 17, 18, maybe  23
c.       Plot 26 & 27 will be combined and will be called Plot 27.  A North-South path between plots 28A & B and plots 25 and 27 will be established.
d.      After Sunday the 9th of June available plots will be reassigned
e.       There are 34 Garden Plots because there is no plot # 26 or Plot # 29. Plots will not be renumbered at this time.
f.       If anyone knows anyone who wants a garden plot please have them contact Brad Pass at

9)      Arrange Garden Orientation Tours for new gardeners.
a.      Linnea conducts Garden Tours that are mandatory for new Gardeners and available for all Gardeners.
b.      We are still having a huge problem with Gardeners who do not turn the water off in the shed.

10)  Other issues:
a.       Lynn asked that a list of needed Garden tools be made: Grass trimmer, Brush cutter, Narrow shovel, Narrow hoe: Brad asked that other suggestions be left with a Steering Committee Member. He also said that the money EPIC will donate to the garden can be used, in part, for new tools
b.      Aden mentioned that he sees some gardeners stretch the hose to their plot, turn the water on and let it run while they are doing whatever. This wastes a LOT of water and must stop.
c.       Aden also mentioned that he would like gardeners to return tools to the shed when they are done using them so other gardeners can use them. The limited tools we have need to be shared well.
d.      Lynn asked that gardeners put a stake into a corner of their plot and write on it, their names and plot number if there is not already one there. Stakes and Sledge are available in the shed. Lynn said she would put a permanent marker in the shed also.
e.       Brad asked all gardeners to use rain barrel water first saying we pay for city water, we do not pay for rain barrel water. When the water is gone from a rain barrel, make sure the water shut-off valve is closed so the barrel can refill in the next rain. He has seen empty rain barrels right after a rainfall because someone failed to close the valve when the barrel was empty.

11)  Adjourn at 10:00 A.M.

After Meeting:
Every Gardener must sign the Garden Use Agreement, Pay their Plot Fee & sign up for Work Groups

Check with work groups and join in. Don’t forget to put your time in the Garden Task Book

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