Saturday, July 6, 2013

East Phillips Community 17th Ave. Garden

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
July 6th, 2013

            Meeting was recorded
1)    9:01 AM call to order.Attendees:  Steering Committee - Brad Pass, Linnea Hadaway, Lindsay Fenner, 
Gardeners – Lynn Mayo
NOTE:  Lacking a  quorum, the meeting was conducted as a Committee of the Whole

2)    Announcements
a.     Garden Steering Committee Meetings are on the 1st Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM at the East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center. All are invited
b.     Garden General Membership Meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:00 in the Garden. Steering Committee members will gather at 9:00 A.M.

3)    MOTION:    Approve 7/6/13 Steering Committee Agenda  Motion made by Linnea, seconded by Lindsay, Passed
4)    MOTION:   Approve 6/1/13 Steering Committee Minutes  Motion made by Linnea, seconded by Lindsey, Passed
5)    MOTION:   Approve 6/8/13 General Membership Meeting Minutes   Motion made by Linnea, seconded by Lindsey, Passed
6)    Garden Finances:
a.     We collected $640.00 in plot fees, $55.00 in key fees and $80.00 in donations to date. (Total $775.00)
b.     Garden bills paid: Taxes - $467.30, Water - $95.00 (Total Paid $562.30). 2013 Cash balance - $212.70
c.     We are likely to receive 6 more plot fees for 2013 totaling $180.00
d.     Already Collected - $775.00 plus Collectible - $180 = $955.00
e.     At this time we are $318.57 short of what the Gardeners are budgeted to raise
f.      If we collect the $180.00 we will be $138.57 short of our budget 
7)    Review revised Garden Plot Map:
a.     Vacant Plots: 6, 15, 18, 23,
b.     Brad spaded plots 15 & 18
c.     Other empty plots can be spaded and planted with a cover plot by appropriate work groups.
d.     All persons on the waiting list were accommodated. One person on the waiting list wants to wait for next year
e.     Brad attributes the lack of interest in gardening this year on the very late spring

8)    Work Group Updates:
a.     A good update on work groups is found in the 6/8/2013 GMM Minutes
b.     A couple of Work Groups still need coordinators. Brad agreed to facilitate the Mowing Group in addition to the Tools Group.
c.     Linnea reported that she and Carol planted the Butterfly Garden and the herb garden was planted with comfrey seeds. She donated seeds and presented the bill to be included in donations.
d.     There was a discussion on providing a place for Sweet Grass. It was pointed out that it is an invasive species but there might be a way of controlling it given it’s importance to the native community and others.
e.     Lindsay reported that the cherries and currents are ripe and ready for picking.
f.      Lynn suggested that after the General Membership Meeting children of gardeners pick some cherries for themselves under supervision and with the use of a ladder to reach the high ones. Brad suggested that this be mentioned to the gardeners when the Garden Meeting reminder calls are made.
g.     Lynn mentioned that there was a problem neighborhood kids who want to help swarming the garden and making it difficult for work to be accomplished due to the need to supervise them. Linnea thought it was not appropriate or safe fro them to be in the garden and suggested locking the gate and explaining this is a time for adult garden work. Lynn suggested that kids must be accompanied by their parents. Brad thought that it might be OK to allow a small number of neighborhood kids (3 was suggested) in the garden if they are under the direct supervision of a gardener. Brad said that living in this neighborhood demands creating a rapport with kids but regarding the garden, it must be kept under control.

9)    Seward Coop Grant Application was submitted.Our Grant was submitted and the winner will be announced at the Coop Annual Meeting in October.
10) Community Garden Day – Aug. 10th, 2013
a.     Discuss our participation
b.     Deadline for notification – is July 20th
c.     See Email attached
d.     It was decided to bring it up at the GMM and see what the consensus is.

11) Call gardeners and remind them of the Saturday, July 8th General Membership Meeting Linea, Lindsay and Lynn offered to split the list and do the reminder calling.
12) With all the downed trees, woodchips are available but we do not want contaminated chips and they won’t deliver less than a dump truck full – so we don’t want Wood Chips delivered.
13) Adjourn at 10:00 A.M.

  Steering Committee Member Carol Pass, reviewed and endorsed the actions of the Committee of the Whole.   
Greetings Community Gardeners!

Gardening Matters will once again be working with City officials in Minneapolis and St. Paul to declare August 10th, 2013 COMMUNITY GARDEN DAY! On this day each year (typically the second Saturday in August), community gardens are encouraged to host a neighborhood celebration in their garden to commemorate and celebrate the day, and be a part of larger efforts to increase awareness, energy, and support for community gardens where we live

Now is the time to start planning and sign up to host an event for the day! If you'd like to host an event on August 10th and join in this great big community gardening party, here's what Gardening Matters will need to know from you by July 20th in order to include your garden on our public map:
·       Name, Address, Focus, and Public Contact info for your garden
·       Event Time
·       Event Activities
·       At least 1 (but up to 3) event coordinators for your garden (this contact info will only be used for event planning and will not be shared with the greater public)
·       You'll have the option to include up to 10 additional contacts for Gardening Matters to include in print and electronic mailings and press releases about the event to aid in your garden's outreach efforts--this is of course to your benefit, but certainly not required. 
Please talk it over with your garden group, brainstorm the answers to the requested information listed above, and submit your garden's event details to Gardening Matters by July 20th. Use this online form (also available on Gardening Matters' homepage at 

We highly encourage regional collaboration on outreach for Community Garden Day events, and recommend signing up with at least 2 other gardens from your neighborhood or area. Let us know if you need help connecting with gardens in your area. 

Regardless of whether or not your garden decides to host an event, I hope you'll join Gardening Matters in celebrating on August 10th! Stay tuned for more details!


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