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EPIC General Membership Minutes 07-13-13

EPIC Garden Membership Meeting Minutes
July 13th, 2013

            Meeting was recorded
Attendees:  Aden Awil, Brad Pass, Diane Peterson. Jhemke Shori, T Chapagai, Omnath Paddel, Krishna Neopaney, Khardga Poudel, Lindsey Fenner, Margaret Kirkpatrick, Linda Leonard, Hope Flanagan, Kevin Chavis, Lynn Mayo

1)      10:00 AM call to order.


2)      Announcements
a.      Garden Steering Committee Meetings are on the 1st Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM at the East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center. All are invited
b.      Garden General Membership Meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:00 in the Garden. Steering Committee members will gather at 9:00 A.M.

3)      Garden Finances:
a.       To date, we have collected $640.00 in plot fees, $55.00 in key fees and $80.00 in donations. (Total $775.00)
b.      Garden bills paid: Taxes - $467.30, Water - $95.00 (Total Paid $562.30). 2013 Cash balance - $212.70
c.       We are likely to receive 6 more plot fees for 2013 totaling $180.00
d.      Already Collected - $775.00 plus Collectible - $180 = $955.00
e.       At this time we are $318.57 short of what the Gardeners are budgeted to raise
f.       If we collect the $180.00 we will be $138.57 short of our budget

4)      Community Garden Day – a celebration of community gardens throughout the State.
a.       See Gardening Matters Email below
b.      Aug. 10th, 2013
c.       Deadline for participation – July 20th
d.      Discuss our participation
                                                              i.      It was decided to have our General Membership Meeting from 10:00 to 11:00 AM as scheduled and
                                                            ii.      Those who can will stay until 1:00 PM to host Community Garden day
                                                          iii.      Brad offered at the last meeting to bring lemonade and provide handouts on our garden
e.       MOTION:   It was moved to participate in Community Garden Day as indicated in 4, d above. Motion was made, seconded & passed.

Hope Flannagan invited everyone to attend a Native American feast and celebration of gardeneing and food called “Dream of Wild Health” in Hugo. There will be another feast in the fall.
Brad reminded everyone that our Fall Harvest Party will be the third Saturday in October.

5)      Review revised Garden Plot Map:
a.      Vacant Plots: 6, 15, 18, 23,

6)      Work Group Updates
a.       Lindsay reminded all that Gardeners in each plot must contribute 6 Hrs. to garden maintenance over and above work on their own plot
b.      Each Gardener must keep track of his/her time on the Work Group page he/she signed up for even if the task is unrelated to their work group. This makes it easier to tally hours for each plot.
c.       Don’t forget to enter your Garden Plot number.
d.      The Fruit & Berries Work Group is watering and weeding and transplanting raspberries
e.       The fruit in the garden is for the enjoyment of all gardeners. We ask that no one gardener pick all the fruit.
f.       Brad offered to help Kevin bring the boulevard library to the garden   

Work Groups                                       Facilitator                     Upcoming Tasks
Ø  Weeding/Pest Control;                         Maybe       Margaret    Keep paths open – Put noxious weeds in green                                                                                                             composting bin by compost – OR Paper                                                                                                                         compostable bags which the city will take
Ø  Tools-Tool shed-Building and Repair; Facilitator - Brad          Bike Rack Installation – Fencepost replacement
Ø  Public Face;                                         Facilitator - Kevin        Free library will be installed – Keep 
Ø  Mowing- Paths- Surveying;                  Facilitator - Brad          Keep paths between plots open and weed free
Ø  Herbs and Butterfly Garden;                Facilitator - Linnea       Plant today and weed creeping Charley
Ø  Fruit and Berries;                                 Facilitator - Lindsey
Ø  Compost;                                             Facilitator - Lynn         Pay attention to signage
Ø  Community Outreach-Celebration;      Facilitator – Carol&Linda   Need to communicate better with Non-                                                                                                    English speakers

7)      Seward Coop Grant Application was submitted.
a.      Linnea introduced us to the $5,000 grant.
b.      If we are successful, the money will be used to eliminate erosion in the area of the front entrance,
c.       Upgrade the central garden path and fire pit/meeting area and
d.      Upgrade the back entrance making it wheel chair accessible and not prone to erosion.
e.       There is also a fence post replacement component.
f.       We will institute a paid youth work program involving the gardeners children to help with the above work.

8)      Other issues:
a.       List needed Garden tools: Grass trimmer, Brush cutter, Narrow long handled shovel, Narrow hoe, Spade, Sharpen the existing tools,…. Limited funds available.
b.      Noxious weeds are to be placed in two green bins. They will be taken off site. If you don’t know if it’s noxious or not you can put all weeds in a compostable paper bag and take it to your own garbage pick-up site for city composting.
c.       We should save some milkweed plants for the monarch butterflies. Carol reported that when the Consultant from Phillips Garden visited, he looked around and said this entire garden is a butterfly garden.
d.      A gardener mentioned that some gardeners stretch the hose to their plot, turn the water on and let it run while they are doing whatever. This wastes a LOT of water and costs us all money. Turn it off.
e.       While working on your plot, return unused tools to the shed so others can use them.
f.       Please put a stake into a corner of your plot and write your names and plot number if there is not already one there. Stakes and Sledge are available in the shed. Lynn said she would put a permanent marker in the shed also.
g.      Please use rain barrel water first. We pay for city water, we do not pay for rain barrel water. When the water is gone from a rain barrel, make sure the water shut-off valve is closed so the barrel can refill in the next rain. We have seen empty rain barrels right after a rainfall because someone failed to close the valve when the barrel was empty.
h.      If you haven’t already done so, Please sign the Garden Use Agreement, Pay you Plot Fee and sign up for a Garden Work Group. Also, if you are new to the garden, please take the Garden Tour

9)      Adjourn at 11:00 A.M.

Community Garden Day

Greetings Community Gardeners!

Gardening Matters will once again be working with City officials in Minneapolis and St. Paul to declare August 10th, 2013 COMMUNITY GARDEN DAY! On this day each year (typically the second Saturday in August), community gardens are encouraged to host a neighborhood celebration in their garden to commemorate and celebrate the day, and be a part of larger efforts to increase awareness, energy, and support for community gardens where we live

Now is the time to start planning and sign up to host an event for the day! If you'd like to host an event on August 10th and join in this great big community gardening party, here's what Gardening Matters will need to know from you by July 20th in order to include your garden on our public map:
·  Name, Address, Focus, and Public Contact info for your garden
·  Event Time
·  Event Activities
·  At least 1 (but up to 3) event coordinators for your garden (this contact info will only be used for event planning and will not be shared with the greater public)
·  You'll have the option to include up to 10 additional contacts for Gardening Matters to include in print and electronic mailings and press releases about the event to aid in your garden's outreach efforts--this is of course to your benefit, but certainly not required. 
Please talk it over with your garden group, brainstorm the answers to the requested information listed above, and submit your garden's event details to Gardening Matters by July 20th. Use this online form (also available on Gardening Matters' homepage at 

We highly encourage regional collaboration on outreach for Community Garden Day events, and recommend signing up with at least 2 other gardens from your neighborhood or area. Let us know if you need help connecting with gardens in your area. 

Regardless of whether or not your garden decides to host an event, I hope you'll join Gardening Matters in celebrating on August 10th! Stay tuned for more details!


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